Which kind of pool should you choose?

You have a project for a concrete swimming pool, but you may have some hesitation about the shape.

A traditional rectangular swimming pool so that the children have the maximum of place to play and plunge? A free shape swimming pool? A bean shaped swimming pool? An overflow swimming pool for a surprising effect and a sophisticated aestheticism? A lap pool with a counter current system for a sporting use?

Take time for reflection and have a look at some of our achievements which could inspire you.

A swimming pool is a true place of life for moments to share with your family and friends. Building a swimming pool completely transforms your garden and your outdoor way of life.

You want a practical, pretty and perfectly integrated into your environment swimming pool; your MARINAL specialist will guide you according to the constraints of your garden. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Which finishing touches for the customisation of your swimming pool?

To make the most of the volume of water, which pool bottom to choose? A Flat bottom, a tilted bottom or a bottom adapted for plunging?
Which kind of stairs will be appropriate to you? Straight staircase, corner staircase, roman stairs, beach…

The coating of your swimming pool will also give it all its character. MARINAL traditional swimming pools are watertight from the time of their design and thus compatible with any coating: finish coat, trendy waxed concrete, tiles… You can trust your MARINAL specialist: he will help you make the best choice.

The construction method of MARINAL traditional concrete swimming pools makes it possible to design the swimming pool you are dreaming of. Shapes, volumes, bottoms, staircases, coatings … MARINAL will answer to all your desires to build the swimming pool that better suits you.