It would be a pity to invest in a reinforced concrete swimming pool without planning a heating system. With a heating system, you can use your swimming pool immediately and you will not hesitate to jump into the water: no fear to catch a cold! You will use your swimming pool more often if you heat it up to 27-28°C than if you wait for the sun to do it.

You will enjoy your heated swimming pool late in the evening during summertime.

Heat pump

The most common heating system for swimming pools is unquestionably the heat pump. It is effective, economic and ecological. It gets the calories from the air or water to return them as heat into the pool.

The heat pump compressor gets energy by modifying the air or water pressure. The heat pump is integrated in the water treatment system of the swimming pool to return clean and heated water into the pool. The heat pump is an ecological system because it gives back up to 5 times more energy than it consumes.

A heat pump is really effective; the water remains at the right temperature for a long time.

Swimming pool water-heater and evaporation

Please note: A swimming pool heating causes more evaporation and the water cools down during the night if the swimming pool is left open. These are two good reasons to use an effective pool cover which will limit evaporation and will maintain the water temperature. Swimming pool solar covers are ideal thanks to their isothermal performance.

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