A water filtration system is essential in any swimming pool. Filtration and water treatment are necessary to keep a clean swimming pool with wholesome water.

Without filtration, your pool water would not be renewed and would be quickly dirtied by floating elements. Without the mixing of water by a filtration system, bacterial organisms would turn the water murky. To keep the water wholesome, the filtration must be accompanied by a water treatment.

The role of filtration is:

  • To remove impurities and organisms from water (leaves, fibres, insects…)
  • To ensure the mixing and thus the renewal of all the water, on the surface and in-depth.

Water filtration mechanism

The skimmers capture the elements floating at the surface of the water while the filtration system works with a pump that sucks up the water and leads it towards the filter. This way, all the impurities are captured by the filter. The filtered water is reinjected into the pool through the return jets and the bottom drain. Filtration entirely renews the water of the swimming pool 3 times every 24 hours to offer you clean water.

Equipment and installation of the water filtration system

Marinal installs the water filtration system during the construction of your concrete swimming pool. The holes are provided in the concrete walls and bottom to receive the skimmers, the return jets and the bottom drain. These parts are sealed in the structure when the concrete is poured. This way, your water filtration system does not run any risk of a future pipe breakage. Marinal concrete swimming pools are covered by a manufacturer guarantee. The water filtration pump and the filter are installed in the technical room.

The size and the type of the filter (sand or cartridge filter) as well as the power of the filtration pump are chosen depending on the pool dimensions and the volume of water. Do not hesitate to contact your Marinal specialist to get information about the water filtration system for your project of a concrete swimming pool.

 filtration for traditional swimming pool

filtration for traditional swimming pool

 filtration for traditional swimming pool