How much does it cost to build a traditional concrete swimming pool?

There are many received ideas about traditional concrete swimming pools and people often wrongly think that they are more expensive than preformed swimming pools. The price of classic shape swimming pools (the best selling models) is comparable whereas the advantages of concrete are superior to preformed pools’ by far.The timing of operations is shorter, the materials consumption is perfectly controlled and the installation is very quick. MARINAL is very transparent on its prices and our quotations are detailed so that you know exactly which part the materials and the work force represent.

Do I need a building permit ?

You do not need a building permit to build a traditional swimming pool in your garden. A statement of work will be enough. On the other hand, other administrative procedures are necessary. Please refer to the page “Building permit for swimming pool”. A building permit for swimming pool is necessary only for an indoor swimming pool or an outdoor covered swimming pool whose cover surface is of at least 20m ².

How long does it take to build a swimming pool ?

Once earthworks are done, the assembly of the steel structure and the casting of concrete will take a maximum of 2 days. 3 weeks are necessary to let the concrete dry, and then 3 other weeks for the finishing works (connection of filtration, heating, lighting, technical room) and the finishing coating. Visit the page “Construction steps” to see proceedings.

Will I pay more taxes if I have a swimming pool ?

Indeed, having a swimming pool increases your real estate assets. Consequently this will affect your ‘taxe d’habitation’ (French property tax) and your ‘taxe foncière’ (French land tax). For more details related to the taxation of swimming pools, please refer to our page “taxes”.

Can I build a traditional swimming pool on a clay ground ?

Absolutely! The MARINAL construction method is perfectly adapted for the construction of swimming pools in clay grounds. The reinforced concrete structure of the swimming pool is not deformable, whatever the nature of the ground. On the contrary, preformed swimming pools will deform because of clay flexibility and will end up cracking. For more information, please have a look at our page “manufacture method”.

Can I plan to build a swimming pool in a seismic area ?

Yes. In high seismic zones MARINAL swimming pools are built with additional reinforcements in the concrete structure. Our manufacturing process is reliable and patented. Please visit our page “manufacture method”.

For any other question that you could have, your MARINAL specialist is at your disposal. Please use our on-line contact form.