With a MARINAL one-piece concrete swimming pool, you can imagine so many pool shapes. Free shape swimming pools are becoming increasingly attractive, but yet the traditional rectangular ones will never go out of fashion and still remain the bestselling.

Rectangular swimming pools

Classic swimming pools are usually rectangular or approximately square. Usual standard dimensions are: 10×4 metres or 8×5 metres. These are the bestselling models because they are the most consensual. These swimming pools are convenient: they combine the pleasure of swimming and an entertainment pool.

The fancy shape of these rectangular pools is often introduced by rectangular or roman walk-in steps, which soften the lines. The rectangular swimming pools are great values for the possible resale of a house, because they appeal to the largest audience.

Rounded shape swimming pools

The rounded shape traditional swimming pools are oval, round and bean shaped. The rounded shape swimming pools are successful because of the softness of their curved lines. They are chosen mostly for entertainment because swimming is quite difficult in such pools.

Advantages of a classic swimming pool

The standard shapes and dimensions of a swimming pool facilitate the maintenance and the installation of peripheral equipment. Finding a standard design adapted cover for your rectangular, round or oval swimming pool will be pretty easy.

These shapes allow a perfect circulation of water. Your robotic swimming pool cleaner will be able to clean the whole surface. The classic shape of your swimming pool will enable you to use your swimming pool brush quickly and effectively.

Price of a classic swimming pool

The classic shape swimming pools are obviously less expensive to build than the free shape ones which ask for particular structure adaptations. The steel structures are easy and fast to set up during the construction of a classic rectangular swimming pool. The price of a classic swimming pool will depend on its dimensions, its volume and the constraints of its levelling works depending on the characteristics of the ground of your garden.

For a detailed – and without obligation – study of your project for a classic shape traditional swimming pool, please contact a MARINAL adviser.