Flat bottom or bottom for plunging

During the construction of your MARINAL concrete swimming pool, you can choose the shape of the bottom to obtain various depths.

Flat bottom

The pool flat bottom is generally selected. With a flat bottom, your swimming pool has the same depth everywhere, and thus the children who jump into water do not risk to bounce on the bottom. For ball games, the flat bottom is also the best choice because all the players are immersed at the same level. The flat bottom swimming pool is the right choice for conviviality on the long term.

Moreover, in a flat bottom swimming pool, the volume of water is uniformly distributed and therefore its temperature is easier to control.

Tilted bottom

The curved or tilted bottom is useful if you wish to create two distinct areas in your swimming pool: A space of standard depth (from 1,50m to 1,80m) and a “small bath” space with a low depth (1,10m) for the children. However this small bath zone does not represent a real safety in a traditional swimming pool with a classic shape because children will quickly go where they cannot touch the bottom. To create a real small bath zone with a tilted bottom, choose a free shape swimming pool to better separate the children bath area.

For traditional shape swimming pools, MARINAL advises you to choose a flat bottom swimming pool, because children grow up quickly and the small bath area in tilted bottom swimming pools can be troublesome for water games.

Bottom adapted for plunging

Swimming pools with this special bottom are dedicated to people really fond of plunging. However the plunging area is limited to a space of 2m x 1m, with a depth of more than 2m. To create this plunging area, the bottom has large differences in heights. The risks of slipping on the slope are real. A swimming pool with a plunging area is to be considered only for the fanatics of dives, but not for a family use.

Pool with safety step

For comfort and safety, a rest step can be arranged at the bottom of the pool. This step is generally built at a depth of 1,20m and you can choose its width because the construction of a concrete swimming pool allows all made-to-measure installations. The rest step makes it possible to move around the pool without disturbing the bath area, and above all, it makes it possible for the children to easily reach the edge of the swimming pool.

Flat bottom or tilted swimming pools, or with a plunging area: your MARINAL specialist will help you to make your choice, according to your way of life and your desires. Submit us your project via our on-line contact form.